VEI Millennium 5 series 2

TRV 1112-1

A weighing tool that fits all your machines

Description :

The VEI Millennium 5 is the middle-class scale specially designed to prevent overloads on any machine size and under the most demanding applications and tasks. The interface for the operator is intuitive and key loading information is selectable to print or download easily. It’s the right balance between performances and features.

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VEI Millennium 5 Series 2 fits all your machines for greater productivity

From aggregate to transport industries to contractors and municipalities all across North America, the M5 continues to be THE standard for companies, especially if you’re using different brands of machines. VEI is more than loader scales. We offer high-tech weighing solutions specially designed for ADT and haul trucks using specific operating mode and sensors. If you need more advanced features in the future, you can easily upgrade your software to Helper X for a minimum investment.

Millennium 5 main features:

  • 30 products management
  • 20 registered customers
  • 5 tools calibrations (bucket, forks, etc.)
  • 5 recipes including up to 15 products each
  • 10 target weights
  • 100 operator IDs
  • 2,000 weights log memory
  • USB data transfer (included) or wireless (optional)
  • Optional thermal printer

New Increased power series 2

VEI completely redesigned its electronics for the Series 2, representing a milestone in the industry. With more power under the hood, weighing data are now more accurate and connected than ever to the office.

  • Increased navigation speed
  • Revised record layout
  • Increased files content
  • Customer link to destination
  • Ticket number with prefix letter
  • Prints QR and bar codes
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Free upgrade
  • New ipotweb cloud service

A proven design

With systems installed on tens of thousands of machines around the world, the Millennium 5 gives you a too you’ll want to use immediately!

  1. HD color display with high visibility even under bright light
  2. User-friendly icon interface
  3. Built-in USB port
  4. Backlit keyboard
  5. Phone type keyboard for data entry
  6. Easy navigation

The weighing concept

VEI onboard scales are in use on all types of machines in a wide range of industries. In every application, our scales deliver the most accurate information possible to achieve better optimization of your loadouts, production processes, sales analysis, inventory updates, truckload optimization and loader productivity. Simple and straightforward to install, Millennium 5 will fit perfectly into your equipment with easy setups with our factory-trained technicians or your own personnel. Local support for VEI is always nearby to help you out. Easily transfer your VEI scales from one machine to another or use multiple buckets or forks – they are versatile and built to last!

  1. Monitor in cab
  2. Contact-free weighing zone sensor
  3. Load sensors to know the lifting pressure

Warrant & product support

  • Covered by the best 3-year parts warranty on the market.
  • Product available from RMT or local North American RMT Master Dealer network.
  • Onsite installation, calibration and training.
  • Each RMT master distributor has factory trained technicians. They make sure you are fully satisfied and help you to use the full power of your new VEI product!

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