SnapCam Set – TrackVision

TRV 1112-1
Wireless SnapCam - TrackVision

The flexibility of a wireless camera system

Description :

The SnapCam kit is ideal when the camera needs to be moved frequently.

See what you want, where you want!

SnapCam from TrackVision has been designed when camera position is critical and needs to be moved frequently. Thanks to the innovative SnapCam incorporating a strong built-in magnet, easing its positioning on metallic structure. The waterproof monitor has a powerful antenna and can manage up to 4 wireless cameras. Features like split screen is available to monitor 2 views at the same time.


Key features

  • Auto-pairing for convenient use
  • USB charging camera
  • HD waterproof monitor
  • Low power consuming when standby
  • Transmission range up to 100m
  • Easy to use and install