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Heavy machinerie

In every industry, operating heavy machinery poses challenges to efficiency, cost, and safety that directly impact productivity and profitability. Tractors, bulldozers, excavators, loaders, graders, asphalt pavers, concrete mixers, spreaders, and articulated haulers handle huge volumes of materials in a variety of environments.

We understand your operational challenges and we can help you.

Measurement accuracy

Avoid overloads while improving inventory accuracy and control, on-site productivity, and profitability.

Instrumentation adaptability

We have the expertise to adapt our weighing and viewing systems to features specific to every type of machine in order to assure measurement accuracy and reliability.

Data processing

Our onboardsystems are easy to understand and designed to facilitate data processing with your centralized inventory management and maintenance systems.

Environmental control

We have the most accurate and reliable proximity-sensing and vision systems on the market to prevent collisions and accidents.

RMT Expertise

Our vast experience in the aggregate and bulk sectors, mining, forestry, ports, heavy and non-standard equipment transport makes us a partner of choice to support you when implementing the best weighing and viewing solutions according to your needs.


Our know-how, technological resources, and product adaptability allow us to develop comprehensive integrated solutions specific to your heavy equipment and in the context of where you operate. Whether it’s a job site with hazardous conditions, heavy vehicular traffic, poor visibility, or a highly competitive industry where every load counts, we have the best solutions for you.

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