VEI Helper X Series 2 weighing for grapple

TRV 1112-1

Onboard weighing for material handlers

Description :

How many times was the work slowed down or even interrupted because you didn’t know the exact weight being lifted? Thanks to the VEI smart Loadpin integrated in the yoke, you can now perform a weighing operation and instantly receive the weight on the display of your VEI Helper X monitor. Perfectly suited for machines equipped with a grapple, used in the recycling and forest industry. Stop overloading fines and get a quick return on your investment!

For an optimal load management

Thanks to VEI’s technology, Helper X monitor, equipped with the Loadpin, is an accurate, high-performance, robust and easy-to-use weighing solution. It is easy to install and is designed to fit your machine. Since there are no moving parts, the Loadpin does not require additional maintenance costs. You will know the total weight loaded of each material with precision, so you know your daily usage and thus ensure efficient management of your supplies.

How does VEI's smart loadpin scale work?

The sensor, the smart Loadpin, is installed between the boom rod and the yoke, replacing the original pin. The Loadpin is manufactured according to your machine’s specifications to integrate it perfectly. This allows for quick and easy installation, the best in the industry. The scale’s load cell is made of stainless steel, which ensures superior robustness while maintaining its weight properties. This makes the Loadpin the most convenient choice on the market!

  1. Helper X monitor
  2. Foot pedal for weight totalizer
  3. Loadpin MH sensor

Helper X S2 monitor feature

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