Establish a space of safety and accuracy

In materials handling, the key to efficiency is in the safety, agility, and precision of the maneuvers. Avoid lost time and numerous accidents by maximizing the visibility of the operator from his control seat. From simple grapples to harbour cranes, forklifts, and truck-mount telescopic cranes, there are as many challenges as there are types of equipment.

Our vision and radar systems are among the most advanced in the world.

Adaptability and efficiency

Our technical expertise and our vision systems’ unique adaptability allow us to implement an integrated solution for all types of material handling equipment.

Fields of vision and acuity

Our systems consider the configuration and maneuvers specific to each piece of equipment in order to optimize their positioning and maximize the operator’s vision.

Environment diversity

We understand fully the wide variety of environments, conditions, and constraints on the performance and versatility of the vehicles, machinery, and systems you use.

Functionality requirements

The design and natural performance of materials handling equipment are often insufficient and need to be optimized in order to assure optimum functionality and safety.

RMT Expertise

Our know-how is unique and we have the most sophisticated and advanced vision and radar detection systems on the market. Highly adaptable, our solutions meet the most stringent application requirements on an almost limitless range of terrains and environments.

Incorporating the most recent technologies, enormous versatility, and avant-garde ergonomic design, our product solutions deliver excellent installation flexibility and deliver image quality that surpasses current standards.

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