Add durability to your transport operations


Transport poses complex challenges in logistics management, operational efficiency and profitability. You need to have exact load measurements, in real-time, to assure optimal management of materials and your vehicle fleet. Safety on the road or during loading and unloading maneuvers are other operational issues at the heart of your concerns.

We have everything you need to make your operations more efficient, more productive and more secure.

Load measurement

Maximize every load’s efficiency by assuring accurate weight measurements. Avoid overcharges, fines and conflicts.

Load monitoring

Permanently monitor and control the loads entrusted to you during transport to avoid material losses or diversions.

Prevention and maintenance

Get precise data on your vehicles’ conditions to avoid maintenance and mechanical problems caused by general use and overloading.

Visibility and security

Optimize driver visibility and person-vehicle detection within a vehicle’s maneuvering perimeter to avoid collisions and accidents.

RMT Expertise

We can help you improve your transportation operations’ agility and performance. Our vast knowledge and the versatility of our weighing and vision systems allow us to develop integrated and customized onboard solutions that meet your needs. 

Our systems provide unique compatibility and can integrate with existing truck systems. The availability of parts, our product inventory, and our technical team’s competence assure quick and efficient installation, as well as flawless after-sales support.

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