DashCam – TrackVision

TRV 1112-1

Trackvision connected 4g dashcam

Description :

The TrackVision DashCam records high-quality images – day or night and in all conditions – with Full HD 1080p video and a wide viewing angle. The integrated GPS receiver and G-force sensor capture accurate data, including vehicle speed, position, impact force and driving behavior.

A video worth a thousand words!

DashCam from TrackVision combines a next generation 4G vehicle camera with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The advanced video telematics solution has been specially developed for a commercial vehicle operation to help reduce fleet risk and prevent incidents before they happen. This means transport business can effectively improve safety by reducing the frequency and severity of collisions.

Using the latest AI technologies – including Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) – the TrackVision DashCam detects both hazards on the road and high-risk driver behaviours. The ADAS camera identifies lane departure, forward collisions and tailgating, while the in-vehicle monitor can recognise if a driver is tired or distracted by actions such as mobile phone use, smoking and eating. This means a driver can immediately be alerted to potential dangers, while an office-based fleet manager can monitor areas of concern both in realtime and historically.


Realtime recording that ease fleet management and reporting

This TrackVision set is a full HD 1080P ruggedized 5-channel mobile digital recorder (MDVR) designed for vehicle surveillance and monitoring, with built-in connectivity, advanced video compression, GPS positioning technology for live tracking and WIFI for wireless data upload. The MDVR fully integrates with TrackVision’s platform and Has built-in three-axis G-shock sensor as standard, offering full driver behaviour reporting.


Key features

  • Specially designed for highway trucks
  • Industrial design with 1TB storage
  • Realtime recording/viewing*
  • Automated incident downloading
  • Web portal for viewing events**
  • Realtime email notifications
  • Fleet management reporting
  • 1080P resolution
  • 4G, LTE, GPS technologies**

* Sold separately.
** Monthly fees apply.