Blaxtair Origin® – Pedestrian Proximity Detection

TRV 1112-1
Blaxtair Origin sensor


Description :

Blaxtair Origin® saves lives! The intelligent onboard camera helps prevent accidents between people and moving equipment. Blaxtair Origin® uses artificial intelligence to distinguish a person from an obstacle in real time, alerting the driver to the danger without unnecessary alarms.

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How does Blaxtair Origin® work?

Blaxtair Origin® is the only AI camera capable of accurately detecting and locating pedestrian in real time, in any posture (standing or crouching) in all the most demanding work environments. This system not only alerts drivers to danger without unnecessary alarms, but also helps HSE and site managers control and reduce the risk of accidents. There’s no equivalent on the market that’s as compact, robust, connected, scalable and easy to install.

Situation de détection de piéton par Blaxtair Origin

Key components of the system

This pedestrian proximity detection system constantly scans obstructed areas around the machine, especially in the vehicle’s blind spots. Blaxtair Origin® features the most efficient onboard Artificial Intelligence to detect a person in danger, tanks to its ultra-powerful AI algorithms and unique, extensive learning database. The system emits an audible and visual alarm to alert the driver to the imminence of danger. An in-cab control screen allows immediate verification of the criticality of the situation by the driver.

Principales composantes du système Blaxtair Origin

Blaxtair Origin® Processing Unit

Processing unit that recognizes and localizes people in danger in real time using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

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Blaxtair Origin® LCD display or Flash Beacon

Warning device, LCD display or Flash Beacon, which alerts the driver with a visual and audible alarm if a person is detected in the defined danger zone. 

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Blaxtair Origin capteurBlaxtair Origin® Sensor

Monoscopic camera that captures images within its field of view.

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Benefits of Blaxtair Origin®

Improved pedestrian safety
  • Sécurité des piétions imageDetects and localizes pedestrians in real time.
  • Alerts the driver to the danger and helps prevent serious accidents on industrial sites.
  • No pedestrian tags needed.
  • Detects any pedestrian postures to prevent collisions with machines.
Integrated cloud-based solution “Blaxtair Connect”
  • Solution connectée intégrée imageMonitors and reduces risk of accidents.
  • Highlights the most dangerous machines and determines the time and place where the risk of accident is highest.
  • Measures the effectivness of the preventive actions implemented to prevent accidents between vehicles and pedestrians.
Compact, robust and easy to install
  • Compacte et robuste imageIndustrial-grade solution, operational in harsh and tough environements, e.g. strong vibration, high impacts, wide temperature variance (-40°F to 185°F).
  • Water and dust resistant (IP69K sensor).
  • Compatible with all types and brands of industrial machines (forklifts, loaders, excavators, …).
  • Plug & play system, compact and easy to use.
  • Future-proofed: online maintenance and remote software updates.
Increased productivity and better working conditions
  • BAmélioration de la productivité imagelaxtair Origin® generates only relevant alerts for the driver, avoiding nuisance alarms and alarm fatigue.
  • Avoids incurring cost related to downtime, workplace accidents or fatalities.

A versatile pedestrian proximity detection system

Blaxtair Origin® can be adapted to all brands and types of industrial and construction machinery: from forklift to telescopic handler, through to loader and excavator. The detection zone can be adjusted in length and width depending on the type of machine and use.

Material handling & logistics

Despite efforts to regulate forklift and pedestrian traffic, physical separation is not always possible, and there is always a significant risk of collision due to the layout of warehouses, the momentary inattention of a pedestrian or forklift operator, and the inevitable coactivity between forklifts and truck drivers or workers on foot.

Recycling & waste management

The recycling industry, particularly sorting centers, generates a high level of contact between people on the ground and machines, leading to serious accidents every year. Pedestrian traffic or sorting on the ground, on the one hand, and drivers’ attention to their productive task at the controls of powerful machines with large blind spots, on the other, present a high risk of collision.

Sand & gravel, mining, public works

Ensuring the safety of people on foot on a construction site, in a quarry, sandpit, mine or tunnel is of paramount importance. Machines regularly operating in close proximity to pedestrians present a real danger. Drivers lack visibility due to large blind spots. What’s more, workers on the ground often wear hearing protection and can’t hear these machines as they approach.