Blaxtair Origin® – Pedestrian Proximity Detection

TRV 1112-1
Blaxtair Origin sensor

Your goal: Zero ACCIDENT!

Description :

Blaxtair Origin® saves lives! The intelligent onboard camera helps prevent accidents between people and moving equipment. Blaxtair Origin® uses artificial intelligence to distinguish a person from an obstacle in real time, alerting the driver to the danger without unnecessary alarms.

Every year, according to CNESST statistics, machines account for approximately 10 à 15% of workplace accidents.

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How does Blaxtair Origin® work?

Blaxtair Origin® is the only AI camera capable of accurately detecting and locating a person in real time, in any position, whether standing or crouching, and in all demanding work environments. The system not only alerts drivers to danger without unnecessary alarms but also helps health and safety managers and site supervisors monitor and reduce accident risks. There is no equivalent on the market that is as compact, robust, connected, scalable, and easy to install, not to mention its water and dust resistance.

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Blaxtair Origin® benefits

  • Detects and locates pedestrians in real time.
  • Alerts the driver of danger and helps prevent serious accidents on industrial sites.
  • Improves safety, working conditions, and productivity.
  • Detects all pedestrian postures to avoid collisions with machines.
  • Prevents costs associated with production stops, accidents, and bodily harm.
  • No badge required.

Key components of the system

This pedestrian detection system continuously scans the blind spots and obscured areas around the vehicle. Blaxtair Origin® features the most advanced onboard Artificial Intelligence for detecting a person in danger, thanks to its ultra-powerful algorithms and extensive, unique learning database. The system emits an audible and visual alarm to alert the driver of imminent danger. A control screen in the cabin allows them to immediately assess the criticality of the situation.

Principales composantes du système Blaxtair Origin

Blaxtair Origin® Processing Unit

The processing unit recognizes and locates people in dangerous situations in real time, thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

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Screen or Flash Beacon Blaxtair Origin®

The 7″ LCD screen or light indicator alerts the driver with a visual and audible alarm if a person is detected in the defined danger zone.

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Blaxtair Origin capteurBlaxtair Origin® Sensor

The camera scans the area within its field of view, focusing particularly on blind spots.

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Integrated cloud-based solution Blaxtair Connect

  • Management and reduction of accident risks.
  • Identification of the most dangerous machines and determination of locations and times where the risk of accidents is highest.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of preventive actions implemented to prevent accidents between machines and pedestrians.

Detection of singular objects

  • Detect the presence and position of specific objects within the vehicle’s operating area.
  • Avoid collisions with another vehicle or obstacle.
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A versatile pedestrian detection system

Blaxtair Origin® adapts to all brands and types of industrial or construction machinery: from forklifts to telehandlers, loaders, and excavators. The detection zone is adjustable in length and width according to the type of machine and the context of use. The system is also future-proof, thanks to online maintenance and remote software updates.

Additional functions of Blaxtair Origin®

Additional videos about the Blaxtair Origin pedestrian-machine detection system are available in the playlist below. Specifically, the feature of slowing down when the camera detects a person in the detection zone.

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