7” Quad Zoom PRO Set – TrackVision

TRV 1112-1
TrackVision 7" Quad Zoom PRO

Trackvision 7'' quad zoom pro set

Description :

With TrackVision’s Quad Zoom PRO system, you receive high-definition vision while maintaining robustness to withstand even the harshest road conditions.

A high definition image with zoom on embedded!

The new TrackVision Quad Zoom PRO provides high definition vision, while incorporating our renowned ruggedness to withstand the worst road conditions. The camera transfers a clear image to the touch screen monitor. When certain reversing conditions require it, it is possible to activate the digital zoom by simply pointing at the screen!

The TrackVision monitor can display up to 4 camera images. Whether single, double, triple or quadruple, you can switch from one mode to another depending on the visibility required. For semi-trailers, spiral cables with connectors are available and we also offer the wireless option with the camera-monitor transmitter and receiver duo.

Key features

  • Specially designed for highway trucks
  • Quad view display with digital zoom
  • HD waterproof monitor with touch screen
  • 1080P camera with microphone
  • Trailer kits available for semi-trailer
  • Wireless transmitters available
  • Easy to use and install