Real time weighing for truck and trailers.
Load more, increase your profits!

RMT and its dealer network provide weighing systems and backup camera systems for the aggregate industry. Our weighing solutions range from loader scales to belt scales and metal detectors, to bucket scales for barge loading with material handlers.

BRT scales:

BRT scales were created out of a desire to help truckers prevent truck weight overloads and optimize transportation operations. The BRT product line has made a name for itself in many countries due to the quality and simplicity of its digital displays.

VEI Loader scales:

Designed to put the right amount every time, VEI loader scales are tough and sustain dusty and muddy environment. With thousands of units working in the aggregate industry with success, VEI loader scales are the best choice to make.

Orlaco backup cameras:

Backing up heavy equipment in mining operation or under ground can be dangerous. Orlaco offer the toughest backup camera on the market specially designed for heavy equipment. Safety is important. Make sure you chose Orlaco for your next backup camera.

ROCK-SOLID products lineup

  • vei
  • BRT 4
  • sci-tronics
  • orlaco
  • EgoPro