DVR – TrackVision

TRV 1112-1

Trackvision connected 4g event recorder

Description :

TrackVision’s digital video recorder is ideal for all types of commercial vehicles and can be used with internal and external cameras, monitors and security systems to capture footage and driving data. By logging into our web portal, you can also gain full visibility and control, with advanced features such as live viewing, video playback, automatic evidence export and incident detection.

Realtime recording that ease fleet management and reporting

This TrackVision set is a full HD 1080P ruggedized, 5-channel mobile digital recorder (MDVR) designed for vehicle surveillance and monitoring, with built-in connectivity, advanced video compression, GPS positioning technology for live tracking and WIFI for wireless data upload. The MDVR fully integrates with TrackVision’s platform and has a built-in three-axis G-shock sensor as standard, offering full driver behaviour reporting.


Key features

  • Industrial design with 1TB storage
  • Multiple camera realtime recording*
  • Automated incident downloading
  • Web portal for viewing events**
  • Realtime email notifications
  • Fleet management reporting
  • 4G, LTE connectivity**
  • GPS tracking


* Sold separately.
** Monthly fees apply.