Track Weight
Track Weight

Be connected
to your loader 24/7

TrackWeight Mobile, VEI’s new intelligent cellular modem, enables your loader scale to automatically record every load filled by the operator.


how does it work

Every time you CLEAR the total on your VEI scale, the loading data is sent to the TrackWeight Mobile module connected to the RS-232 port of your scale. Using the cellular network, your data is sent to your TrackWeight account on the Internet! If cellular coverage is weak, TrackWeight Mobile will send the data until it receives a confirmation of reception.


With TrackWeight Mobile, you also get a web account to access your loader scale data 24/7!

Packed with features, it gives you the following possibilities:

  • Send your day-to-day production to key managers by email automatically;
  • Manage scale configurations and diagnostic wireless communications;
  • Get the location of your loaders

Data Transfer

data transfer

Using VEI’s iPot software, all your scale data is automatically received by your office almost instantaneously.

  • On the iPot software, you can manage your data, print
    reports and even export it into Microsoft Excel format.
  • On your smart phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), you can receive your production report every day automatically!
  • On you can also access your data.
track weight specs


  • Canada
  • USA
  • Some areas may have limited cellular coverage.
    Contact RMT to see if your area is covered.

Kit Includes

  • TrackWeight Mobile Cellular module
  • Monthly data transfer package
  • Power and Communication cables
  • Antenna
Track Weight

In some areas, a booster signal might be necessary. Contact RMT or your local dealer for more information.

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