The Camera Specifically designed for heavy equipment!

Orlaco by RMT presents the only backup camera system specifically designed for heavy equipment machinery! Easy to install and operate, you will improve your overall safety and count on a system that works everyday and in any condition.

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The Orlaco monitor is completely sealed (watertight... not just waterproof!). In fact, you can soak it in water! It is vibration-proof too. The monitor is heavily tested on shaker plates, in hot and cold environments, to guarantee years of usage.

The Orlaco camera is filled with nitrogen gas. This ensures a positive pressure inside the ‘’ball’’ and makes sure no water or humidity gets in. The other innovative feature is a heated lens. This ensures no condensation can get in front of the lens. Our standard 115° wide-angle camera gives you the full vision you need at your back, on the monitor. The view is so good, it even overlaps your front mirrors in order to provide a better perspective.

Orlaco TRV 1000-SKD by RMT, includes an in-cab 7" LCD color monitor with multi-directional bracket. The monitor is equipped with our famous 115° wide-angle camera filled with nitrogen gas that ensures no humidity gets in front of the lens. The included aluminum hood cover protects the camera better in order to offer you the best visibility while backing up in tight areas and when people are working around you.

Easy to Install


In approximately 3 hours or less, your TRV-1000 SKD will be installed and ready to work. The system is ready to use immediately. Contrast and brightness are adjusted from the front panel of the monitor and it also auto adjusts itself depending on the amount of daylight you have in the cab! Other features are available through an on-screen menu.

Why opt for the Orlaco backup camera?

Many systems are available for a few hundred dollars on the Internet. Be aware they are made for static applications (office surveillance), or cars and RV. They generally break down quickly and do not work when you need it.

Our European technology stands completely apart from other products manufactured in China or elsewhere, which are designed for cars or recreational vehicles. Only Orlaco by RMT is designed for heavy equipment. Our products withstand the trials of heavy industry, namely sustained vibrations, dust, dirt and shock. They are also covered by a full replacement 3-year warranty on the camera and 2 years on the monitor. RMT also offers you full product support via our toll free number and email.

If you are looking for a backup camera for your heavy equipment machinery, look for the camera that works every day you need it. You will never regret your choice - Orlaco.

Camera Features and Benefits

  • Patented lens technology: darkening/lightening in accordance with lowlight/sunlight exposure
  • Camera tested to withstand a high pressure
  • 15L/minute washer flow of 80 bars at 80°C
  • 115° wide angle viewing "sees" better in the dark than the human eye!
  • Nitrogen-filled, 100% watertight
  • Shock proof and vibration resistant
  • Aluminum casing with integrated sun cover
  • Heated lens surface to prevent condensation or frost
  • Salt spray tested

Monitor features and benefits

Monitor Features and Benefits
  • Automatic brightness control: Monitor dims gradually when cab light levels decrease
  • Wide Screen 16:9 display ratio
  • Adjustable bracket
  • Monitor activates automatically once the vehicle is set to reverse mode
  • Waterproof: Works outside, even in the rain!
  • Vibration and shock proof: Lab tested using high frequency shaker plates
  • Works on 12 or 24 volts with multiple internal precautionary features to guard against risk
  • On-Screen Display provides user-defined camera labels, help texts and menu options
track vision heavy options

Different camera angles are available like 54 & 78 degrees when you need to monitor something closer or need more details from an object. We also offer wireless options as well as real time recording. Different lengths of cables as well as monitor sizes are also available.

For more information, please download our Orlaco catalog or contact us for more details.

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    David Pyper is simply glad he didn’t have to learn his safety lesson the hard way! It was 6 or 7 years ago in our big pit, he recalls, where our 966 loader was finishing a load for a customer.

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    Congested traffic and hidden obstacles are just part of life on road construction sites, but contractors are learning how today’s heavy-duty safety back-up cameras make life better!

    RMT Equipment recently installed a Orlaco TRV-1000-2 dual camera system on a Wirtgen WR 2400 Recycler/Stabilizer to prove how better vision means improved safety and productivity.

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    RMT Equipment recently demonstrated how today’s newest wireless safety cameras can be adapted to give equipment operators the eyes they need to “watch what they’re doing” throughout the complete crushing operation!

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