Optical laser belt scale

Do you have portable crushing or screening plant or bulk materials with low density that no belt scale can measure accurately? As opposed to conventional belt scales, with LaserTronik Optical Laser Belt Scale, it is possible to measure these and get the exact data of the material that is carried on your conveyor belt.

Precise volumetric reading


The volumetric measuring of all types of material is child’s play for LaserTronik. It doesn’t matter whether it is rock, concrete, wood, asphalt or composts being measured. With 200 laser measurements per second, you get accurate and detailed data. Where other measuring systems fail or only deliver approximated data, LaserTronik will not let you down, even under the most difficult conditions such as high humidity, rain, snow and extreme sunlight.

The unit can be used on any conveyor up to a belt width of 60 inches and it only takes 10 minutes to adjust the parameters or change to another machine. LaserTronik can be set to work where you need it the most.

Wheighing concept

Sophisticated algorithms combined with two high performance processors can handle the high data stream delivered by the measuring unit to give you precise and accurate data.

LaserTronik demonstrates that complex electronics can be operated in a very easy way. The clear-cut menu navigation and the intelligent input sequence demonstrate just that. This helps to save training and operation costs if you change personnel. The operator can concentrate on the main task: to produce.

  • All data available at a glance
  • Easy and straightforward menu navigation
  • Meaningful data for your customer or for your company accounting and planning
  • Minimal service: changing printing paper.
  • Data that your customer can count on
  • With the remote access, get equipment data anytime, anywhere

Area of application

Thanks to its flexibility, the area of application of the LaserTronik belt scale is very versatile.

  • Crushing plants
  • Screening plants
  • Shredders
  • Dosage plants
  • Mixing plants
  • Any conveyor belt that carries bulk materials

Easy installation

A substantial advantage is that the construction of the conveyor belt does not need to be changed. Meaning that no roller section needs to be removed in order to install the measuring device. LaserTronik will be mounted to the frame of the conveyor belt at the position where the material drops down. It can be installed within 60 minutes.

Detailed information

LaserTronik gives you the answer to the following questions:

  • At what time was the equipment started/ stopped?
  • How much idle time did we have all day through? All week through? All month through?
  • How many productive hours did we have all day through? All week through? All month through?

Technical Data

Measuring system 1x high performance laser, 1x monitor with built-in thermal printer
Working temperature -25 to 60 °C (-13 to 140 °F)
Laser unit size (without bracket) W 10” x H 8” x D 6”
Monitor unit size (with built-in printer) W 12” x H 10” x D 6”
Belt speed No limits
Operating voltage 9 to 27 V/DC
Protection class IP65 dust and water tight
Display Touch screen color LCD
Printer Thermal, built-in

Data transfer

Cellular/ SMS Optional
CANBUS Optional

Can the Lasertronik System Be Expanded?

There are many options for the volumetric measuring system. For example, if printing reports are not enough, you can add SMS reports to get them anywhere, at any time. Another example, a data exchange system that can connect to the management system. Please contact us for more information about additional features, options.


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