millennium 5

New for dumper truck payload monitoring!

The new VEI Millennium 5 for Dumper trucks was developed directly on open pit sites in order to maximize productivity.

Integrated into dumper work cycles it can be connected with state-of-the-art wireless solutions.

Why equip your rigid dump truck or ADT with VEI payload monitoring?

  • Load right on the spot
  • Reduce truck wear on: tyres, transmission, engine & bodywork
  • Production Monitoring in real time on your tablet, smart phone or PC
  • Know beforehand the transported cost per ton
  • Track loading efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption by preventing overloading
  • Worldwide factory trained support backup
  • 3 years warranty, best in the industry

The weighing concept


Weighing is accomplished by sensing the axle deformation caused by the load being placed in the body. Our hi-tech, heavy duty sensors are installed in such a way so as to provide an accurate weight whilst loading and operating in the toughest of site conditions. “A simple solution providing outstanding results”.

  1. In-cab monitor
  2. Two load sensor installed on front suspension
  3. Two load sensor installed on rear suspension
  4. LED light
    LED remote display
Millennium 5 ADT


  • Programmable maximum load
  • Production reports
  • Loader/excavator selection
  • Loader/excavator output monitoring
  • Loading indicator light
  • Loading/unloading cycle management with axle weighing
  • Fully automatic without the need for human intervention
  • USB port is standard and provide easy reporting
  • Ipotweb connectivity available
  • Wifi or Cellular connectivities available
  • RS-232 + Modular Mining and other protocols available
dumperload side

Dumper Load Lights

Used for load-in-progress signalling to the loading machine. LED 24VDC lights.

It includes:

  • Cable connection to dumper load link
  • Parallel junction to join the 2 sets of lights
  • Cable connection from parallel junction to dumper load link
  • Holding bracket
  • U-shape protection

helper x


Thermal high speed printing for your reporting on Truck load history and Production.


Millennium 5

With a built-in USB port as standard on the equipment you can use a standard USB memory stick and download the loadings accomplished during the day without extra optional cost: it's all built-in. Read the USB memory stick in your PC and open your loadings by using a basic spreadsheet program like Excel.


Millennium 5

Ideal in job sites where a WiFi network is existing. Your equipment will be part of the WiFi network in matter of minutes and loading data available at your preferred location in the job site and web wide.


Millennium 5

Whether you use the USB or wireless data transfer, the production information ends up in a single database from where it can be exported where needed. With ipotweb, you can generate different types of reports. tracking down in real time your inventory. production analysis and machine productivity. With ipotweb. com production data are available in your smartphone. tablet or PC wherever you are.


Millennium 5

Stay connected to your equipment 24/7. 7 days a week. Trackweight sends you real-time data from your equipment wherever you may be, all you need is an internet connection within your smart phone, tablet or PC.

rmt specifications

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