Millennium 5 ADT


The VEI Millennium 5 Series 2 is the scale specially designed to avoid overloading trucks, even in the most demanding tasks. The operator interface is intuitive and key load information can be selected for easy printing or downloading. A simple solution with outstanding results!


The Millennium 5 Series 2 is much more than just a loading scale. It also offers a high-tech weighing solution specially designed for ADT and mining trucks, using specific operating mode and load cells. These load cells are indestructible, even under the arduous road conditions of mining sites.

The installation of this on-board weighing solution, offering accurate and easily accessible on-screen production data management, allows fleet operators to control load movement, reduce road transport costs and improve productivity.

  • Know the load in real time
  • Reduce truck wear and tear: tires, transmission, body and engine
  • Control production in real time on your tablet, smartphone or computer
  • Know in advance the transport costs (per ton)
  • To carry out an effective follow-up of the charges
  • Decrease fuel consumption by avoiding overloads

Millennium 5 ADT main features:

  • 30 products management
  • 5 registered destinations
  • 5 recipes including up to 15 products each
  • The display of a loading progress bar
  • 100 operator IDs
  • 2,000 weights log memory
  • USB data transfer (included) or wireless (optional)
  • Optional thermal printer

New Increased power series 2

VEI completely redesigned its electronics for the Series 2, representing a milestone in the industry. With more power under the hood, weighing data are now more accurate and connected than ever to the office.

  • Increased navigation speed
  • Revised record layout
  • Increased files content
  • Customer link to destination
  • Ticket number with prefix letter
  • Prints QR and bar codes
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Free upgrade
  • New ipotweb cloud service


With systems installed on tens of thousands of machines around the world, the Millennium 5 gives you a tool you'll want to use immediately!

  1. HD color display with high visibility even under bright light
  2. User-friendly icon interface
  3. Built-in USB port
  4. Backlit keyboard
  5. Phone type keyboard for data entry
  6. Easy navigation

The weighing concept

VEI on-board scales are used on all types of machines in a wide range of industries. In each application, our scales provide the most accurate information possible to better optimize your loads, production processes, sales analysis, inventory updates, load optimization and machine productivity. Weighing is performed by measuring the impact of the load on the vehicle chassis. Sensors using state-of-the-art technology are installed to provide accurate weight during loading.

Simple and easy to install, the Millennium 5 will fit perfectly into your equipment thanks to easy adjustments made by our factory trained technicians or by your own staff. VEI's local support is always nearby to assist you. Easily transfer your VEI scales from one machine to another - they are durable and built to last!

  1. In-cab monitor
  2. Two connected load sensors are installed on each side of the truck chassis.


  • Covered by the best 3-year parts warranty on the market.
  • Product available from RMT or local North American RMT Master Dealer network.
  • Onsite installation, calibration and training.
  • Each RMT master distributor has factory trained technicians. They make sure you are fully satisfied and help you to use the full power of your new VEI product!

Data management

Products 30
Customers 0
Recipes 5
Destinations 5
Loading progress bar Yes
Target Weights 0
Operator ID 100
Site owner Yes
Loading site Yes
Loading company Yes
Machine ID Yes
Tools calibration -
Date and time stamp for each load Yes
Total weight by product Yes


Auto add
Tip off
Adjustment of the last bucket in real time
Unit of mass conversion
Auto-power on/auto-shutdown
Energy saving
Products simultaneous loading
USB files backup/restore
USB software update
USB or wireless data update
Operator ID login
Display brightness setup
Split weighing

Data Transmission

USB data transfer Included, built-in
Wireless data transfer Optional web-based software Optional


Power supply 9-36 VDC
Working temperature -40°C to 80°C
Accuracy (%) 0 ± 3
Protection class IP54 (device), IP67 (sensors)
Size 5.5 x 8 x 2.6 in (140 x 204 x 67 mm)
Weight 2 lb (928 g)
Display HD TFT color
Light ambient sensor Automatic
Keyboard Membrane, lighted
Text editing Mobile phone type
Printer port RS232
USB port USB read/write


Vibration and shock tested at 40G
Salty environment tested Yes
Extreme high and low temperature tested Yes
All cables are protected ensuring durability Yes
ISO 13766 earthmoving machinery Yes
ISO 14982 agriculture and forest machinery Yes
EN 61326 measuring devices Yes
EN 50498 vehicle instrumentation Yes

Vprint thermal printer

For daily truck loading application, the Vprint thermal printer gets the job done. Vital information is highly visible and you can print several copies of the same ticket. The signature line at the bottom is ideal to have proof of loading from the truck driver.

New QR and barcodes are now available on Millennium 5 Series 2! This new feature can be enabled at any time. Some job sites have personnel with handheld scanners to monitor the paperwork of trucks coming to unload. The driver shows his tickets and vital loading information is then scanned and shared automatically with job site personnel.

Millennium 5 ADT

Built-in usb Port for data transfer

With the built-in USB port, download the accomplished loadings during the day without extra cost, on a standard USB memory stick. Then, read it in your PC USB port and open your loadings by using a basic spreadsheet program like Excel.

Import or/and export data as you like and where you like. The loadings data are saved into your USB by date and time. So, no overwriting will happen and your imports will be crystal clear to find them out.

Millennium 5 ADT

Trackweight mobile cellular for wireless data transfer

Stay connected to your machine 24 hours a day. The TrackWeight Mobile modem sends you real-time load data – wherever you are. All you need is a cell phone connection. Using the TrackWeight Mobile modem requires the opening of an account, as the data will be sent to VEI’s servers. They can be viewed on

  • Real-time data transmission
  • Sending production data to the selected email account
  • GPS location available soon!
  • Ease invoicing with built-in customer by product report suiting specific date range
  • Easy management of all loading sites
  • Send data list like customer or product names from ipotweb to your X5 monitor

Vortex wifi for wireless data transfer

Ideal for sites where a WiFi network is available. Your machine will be part of the WiFi network in a few minutes and your loading data will be available at the chosen location – on your computer or in the cloud – with


Your loads in the cloud with

All payload information ends up in a single database from where it can be exported to a billing software. With, you can generate different types of reports and analyze your sales and machine productivity. Via, production and sales are linked to billing, cutting administration filling time drastically. Yearly fees apply for ipotweb account.


From the cloud to your hand with ipotap

Imagine receiving vital information on your machine production in real time while being seated somewhere else. Ipotap, supported by, is an ideal tool to give you insight into and control of production and sales in real time directly from your pocket. An ipotweb account must be activated to use the mobile application.

ipotap ipotap
Millennium 5 ADT
Millennium 5 ADT
Millennium 5 ADT
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