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Onboard weighing for material handlers

How many times was the work slowed down or even interrupted because you didn't know the exact weight being lifted? Thanks to the VEI smart Loadpin integrated in the yoke, you can now perform a weighing operation and instantly receive the weight on the display of your VEI Helper X monitor. Perfectly suited for machines equipped with a grapple, used in the recycling and forest industry. Stop overloading fines and get a quick return on your investment!

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Thanks to VEI's technology, Helper X monitor, equipped with the Loadpin, is an accurate, high-performance, robust and easy-to-use weighing solution. It is easy to install and is designed to fit your machine. Since there are no moving parts, the Loadpin does not require additional maintenance costs. You will know the total weight loaded of each material with precision, so you know your daily usage and thus ensure efficient management of your supplies.


The sensor, the smart Loadpin, is installed between the boom rod and the yoke, replacing the original pin. The Loadpin is manufactured according to your machine's specifications to integrate it perfectly. This allows for quick and easy installation, the best in the industry. The scale's load cell is made of stainless steel, which ensures superior robustness while maintaining its weight properties. This makes the Loadpin the most convenient choice on the market!

  1. Helper X monitor
  2. Foot pedal for weight totalizer
  3. Loadpin MH sensor
loadpin mh


Remote update
Operator login
Save on USB
Connect to cloud

Data management

Products 300
Customers 1200
Vehicles 1200
Destinations 1000
Carriers 1000
Recipes 150
Job orders 100
Favorites 100
Target weights 10
Tools calibrations 10
Operator IDs 100
Machine code Yes
Site owner Yes
Date and time stamp Yes
Products grand total Yes

Software functionalities

Automatic add Yes
Tip off Yes
Diverse tool calibrations Yes
Unit of mass conversion Yes
Automatic power on/ shutdown Yes
Automatic standby Yes
Simultaneous product loading Yes
USB files backup/ restore Yes
USB software update Yes
USB/ wireless data update Yes
Operator ID login Yes
Automatic brightness control Yes
Split weighing Yes

Data transfer

Built-in USB port data transmission Yes
TrackWeight Mobile cellular modem for wireless data transfer Yes
Vortex wifi modem for wireless data transfer Yes
Ipotweb.com online software Yes


Power supply 9-36 VDC
Working temperature -40°C to 80°C
Accuracy (%) 0 ± 1
Vibration and shock tested 40G
Protection IP54 (monitor), IP67 (sensor)
Dimensions 5,5 x 8 x 2,6 in (monitor)
Weight 2 lb (928 g)
Display HD color TFT
Ambient daylight sensor Automatic
Keyboard Membrane, lighted
Text editing Mobile phone type
Printer port RS232
Modem port RS232
USB port USB read/write

Integrated USB data transfer

Thanks to the USB port integrated into the Helper X scale, it is possible to download the loads made during the day using a simple USB key at no extra cost. Then insert it into the USB port of your computer and download your loads using a spreadsheet program, such as Excel. Then, import and/or export the data as you wish. The load data is stored in your USB stick by date and time, so no overwriting will occur and you will have no trouble finding it.

loadpin mh

Vprint thermal printer

VEI's Vprint printer can be installed either underneath Helper X monitor as a single compact unit, or as a separate unit. The high-speed thermal printer is robust and allows you to print delivery slips for your customers and/or the office for invoicing. Available report printouts include: loads, load history, production by preferred completion dates, management data and configuration data.

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Trackweight mobile

Stay connected to your machine 24 hours a day. The TrackWeight Mobile modem sends you real-time load data wherever you are. All you need is an Internet connection. Using the TrackWeight Mobile modem requires the opening of an ipotweb.com account, as the data will be sent to VEI's servers. They can be viewed on ipotweb.com, only from the registered account.

  • Unlimited transmission range
  • Real time data transmission
  • Production data sent at a selected email account
  • Optimal data security
  • Automatic and direct billing without having to enter delivery tickets manually after they are printed on the loader
  • Easy management of all extraction sites located in and outside the country
  • Upgrade your scale data management remotely
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Vortex wifi

Ideal for sites where a wifi network is present. Your machine will be part of the wifi network in a few minutes and your loading data will be available at the chosen location on your computer or in the cloud with ipotweb.com.

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Whether you use the USB flash drive or wireless data transfer, load information is collected in a single database, from where it can be exported to billing software. Thanks to ipotweb.com, you can produce different types of reports, track your inventory, sales analysis and machine productivity in real time.

Ipotweb reports :

  • Loading movements
  • Report sorted by Customer and Product
  • Report sorted by Product
  • Report sorted by Machine
  • Report sorted by Order No.
  • Material delivery docket
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Ipotap, a touch in the sharpness

Ipotap is the ideal tool to control production and sales in real time, directly from your mobile device. It is suitable for all types of loading equipment. Ipotap gives you the real overview of your machine's production and sales. Imagine receiving vital information about the production of your equipment in real time, while sitting somewhere else! Ipotap is connected to ipotweb.com, VEI's online software for managing your machine production, sales and control data.

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