helper xe
helper xe

A new generation powerful and simple to use weighing system for excavator

With Helper XE installed onboard you are sure that each bucket is weighed, the load is within the allowed limits, the production is under control and the moved quantity is transmitted remotely for mining haulage analysis and stock inventory.

Why install helper XE?

  • High precision
  • Minimum components with no junction boxes
  • Track loading efficiency
  • Help stock and sales tracking
  • End-to-end management of the payload process, with print out of the delivery tickets and data sent to billing system in real time using wireless cellular technology
  • Production Monitoring in real time on your tablet, smartphone or 3PC
  • Easy-to-use thanks to the intuitive commands and guided data entry user interface made possible by the VEI innovative Operating System
  • The system can manage simultaneous loading tasks (multitasking)
  • Operator ID login with auto locking if not authorized
  • Multiple weighing modes: Incremental, Target, Vehicle and Recipe
  • 3 years warranty, best in the industry
The weighing concept

The weighing concept

The position of the sensors can be chosen and their mounting is easy and fast. Helper XE is installed by trained personnel assuring a perfect fit into your machineries and delivering superior accuracy for a better optimization of your loadouts, production processes, sales analysis, inventory updates, trucks load optimization, loading machines productivity.

  1. In-cab monitor
  2. Boom sensor
  3. Stick sensor
  4. Track sensor
  5. Bucket sensor
  6. Load sensors installed to know the lifting pressure


Power supply 9÷36Vdc
Working temperature -40°C ÷ +80°C
Metrological accreditation working temperature -25°C +60°C
Measurement error (%) 0 ± 2
Shocks 40G tested
Protection class Device IP 54. Sensors IP67
Size 140 x 204 x 67mm. (5,5 x 8 x 2,6 inches)
Weight 928 gr (2 lb)
Display HD color TFT
Light ambient sensor Day/night automatic display brightness
Keyboard Membrane, lighted
Text editing Mobile phone type
Modem port RS232
Printer port RS232
Canbus port Canopen
USB port USB read/write
Remote keys Open contact


  • Auto-add
  • Tip off
  • Diverse tool’s calibrations
  • Unit of mass conversion
  • Auto-power on
  • Auto-shutdown
  • Energy saving
  • Plant and trucks simultaneous loading
  • USB files backup/restore
  • USB software update
  • USB/wireless data update
  • Operator ID login
  • Split weighing

helper x


Thermal high speed printing for your reporting on Truck load history and Production.


Bring your main 2 keys closer to your hands by using this small size remote keys box. It can be fixed with screws or velcro, attached to where it is more comfortable for your operation, usually at the right hand joystick of the machine.


Millennium 5

With a built-in USB port as standard on the equipment you can use a standard USB memory stick and download the loadings accomplished during the day without extra optional cost: it's all built-in. Read the USB memory stick in your PC and open your loadings by using a basic spreadsheet program like Excel.


Millennium 5

Ideal in job sites where a WiFi network is existing. Your equipment will be part of the WiFi network in matter of minutes and loading data available at your preferred location in the job site and web wide.


Whether you use the USB or wireless data transfer, the production information ends up in a single database from where it can be exported where needed. With ipotweb, you can generate different types of reports, tracking down in real time your inventory, production analysis and machine productivity. With, production data are available on your smartphone, tablet or PC wherever you are.


Millennium 5

Stay connected to your equipment 24/7 days a week. Track-Weight sends you real-time data from your equipment wherever you may be, all you need is an internet connection within your smart phone, tablet or PC.

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