dumper load
dumper load

VEI Dumper load monitoring
system for mining trucks

The Dumper Load payload monitoring system for dumper trucks was developed directly on open pit sites in order to perfect the instrument's inherent operating and automation characteristics. Integration of the instrument into dumper work cycles means that it is recommended by manufacturers as a guaranteed means of preventing overloading.

dumperload features

Overload prevention and productivity monitoring

Versatile and fully automatic, it ensures that the dumper is used in compliance with its design standards. Preventing overloads means lower maintenance costs and tire wear, important considerations when managing a dumper fleet. The instrument is also capable of remote transmission of load status in order to optimize the distribution of the fleet within a mine. Proper distribution of the fleet cuts down on unproductive waiting times and assists decision-making with regard to its replacement. It is clearly an indispensable tool that ensures reliable data and no question marks.

dumperload features
  • Programmable maximum load
  • Loader/excavator selection
  • Loader/excavator output monitoring
  • Loading indicator light
  • Loading/unloading cycle management with axle weighing
  • Fully automatic without the need for human intervention
  • DLogger port for pocket size data memory or real-time
  • remote data transmission

dumperload side

Dumper Load Lights

Used for load-in-progress signalling to the loading machine. LED 24VDC lights.

It includes:

  • Cable connection to dumper load link
  • Parallel junction to join the 2 sets of lights
  • Cable connection from parallel junction to dumper load link
  • Holding bracket
  • U-shape protection

Dumper Load USB Data Logger

It plugs directly into the Dlogger link. Used to transfer the loading data from the dumper load to the personal computer. The kit includes a data logger portable memory, Dlogger cable & the USB data logger reader for PC. Files are transferred into ipot Mine where reports can be generated.


Dumper Load Thermal Printer

The thermal printer simply connects to the standard RS232 of the Dumper Load. Use it to print a truck ticket or a product's grand total to better manage production. It's very fast, small and economical.

dumperload bottom

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