Weighing solutions on wheel loaders.
Innovative grapple scale solutions.
Backup cameras systems.

RMT and its dealer network provide weighing systems for wheel loaders, loaders & excavators and conveyors as well as backup camera systems for heavy equipment

VEI Loader Scales:

Designed to deliver the right weights every time, VEI loader scales are tough and sustain dusty and muddy environments. With many units working in forest industry, loading wood chips or pallets on forks, VEI loader scales are a must!

Orlaco Backup Cameras:

Backing up with heavy equipment can be dangerous. Orlaco offers the toughest backup camera on the market specially designed for heavy equipment. Wheel loader, excavator, train; we've done it! Safety is important. Make sure you chose Orlaco for your next backup camera.

SciTronics: (available only in Canada)

We can equip short and long conveyors loading wood chips. SciTronics offers a wide range of belt scales and metal detectors to suit your needs. We offer wireless communication as well as data communication to your internal computer software.

Our main focus is service, accuracy & reliability: three words you would like to put in front of each other and that are all linked together. Because we focus on weighing and safety, we have key people that can help you make your cities more productive and safer with proven solutions.

RMT Master Dealers are located near you and are trained on every one of the products we sell. Contact them today to have a presentation of our latest technologies that can help your bottom line.

ROCK-SOLID products lineup

  • vei
  • BRT 4
  • sci-tronics
  • orlaco
  • EgoPro