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RMT takes pride in partnering with technology leaders around the world to bring the most effective and dependable productivity solutions to North American customers.

RMT Equipment began as a pioneering force in the emergence of highly accurate in-motion loader scales and continues today improving productivity by adding safety with its backup cameras systems. Since then, RMT has grown to become a leading North American distributor of productivity systems specially built for heavy equipment. RMT was established in 1998 and continues to operate under the Lefebvre family, the founders of the firm. Our ongoing search for the best in new productivity enhancements for heavy equipment leads us to the industry's most innovative device manufacturers around the world. Our exclusive agreements with these global leaders reflect the trust that RMT has earned as a proven supplier of dependable solutions for customers.

RMT's commitment to customer support is reinforced by a growing network of trusted equipment distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Every RMT Master Distributor is factory trained and backed by our own extensive experience in customer applications.


If, within 30 days of your purchase, you are not satisfied that our installed product is not performing as it is intended to do, we will take it back!
RMT team


As our manufacturers' designated representative, RMT ensures the highest level of field support to customers. Our service also includes an unmatched web-based library of up-to-date technical information and user manuals. Our growing database of installation guides is designed to share best practices and troubleshooting lessons learned through the hands-on experience of RMT dealers, technicians and operators throughout North America.

RMT services
RMT services


RMT Equipment and its master distributors can make an on-site evaluation of your operation to establish your needs and provide your company with the best solutions. Take advantage of our broad experience in weighing systems for mobile equipment!

ROCK-SOLID products lineup

  • vei
  • BRT 4
  • sci-tronics
  • orlaco
  • EgoPro